Duncan Alanson Spencer 1911 - 1999 

Duncan Alanson Spencer was a talented artist with decades of experience as a plein air landscape painter, background designer in the film industry, muralist, and diorama artist.  From the 1930s through the 1990s, between professional projects and after his retirement, he painted the landscapes of the desert southwest and the Yosemite foothills near his home in Mariposa California. 

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Oil paintings


Pencil Drawings


Pencil Drawings


Chinatown 1933

Houseboat 1940

Asphalt Plant 1931

Fishing Boat - 1940


 Jack London's Schooner 1931



Jack London's Schooner 1931

Jack London's Schooner 1933

Two Boats 1933

These drawings were done by Spencer between 1930 and 1950.  During this time, at the beginning of his career with MGM,  Spencer spent much of his free time sketching and painting in and around Los Angles. Spencer chose subjects throughout the area, from his Studio in the San Fernando Valley to the shipyards in San Pedro and Long Beach.  Spencer loved boats, and his drawings of fishing boats and freighters are some of his finest.  Other drawings are historical documents, done in a time period before Los Angeles and the surrounding area grew into the megalopolis it is today.






Saddleback Butte, Monument Valley




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