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Whispering Water by Alex Lewis 

Sierra Art Trails presents...

For All my Relations

A Native Way of Life 

Nov 10 to December 9, 2009

An art exhibit focused on traditional and contemporary Native American Arts 

Demonstration Day - Saturday, November 21st, 11am to 5 pm

Basket Weaving with Sandy Clark and Leona Chepo 

Manzanita Carving with Alex Lewis

Beadwork with Anne Bredon


Works by...   

Leona Chepo

Sandy Clark

Judy (Little Wing) DeRosa

Donna Featherstone

Louise Goodman

Alex ( Black Sheep ) Lewis

Reggie Lewis

Ron Goode

Betty Manygoats

Ruby Pamona 

Julia Parker & Family

Annie Redcrow


...and others


We call the Four Directions to hear our innermost prayer. We know that we are here for a short visit on Mother Earth and we ask to stay in a place of respect. Knowing that we are all related we show respect to all. The four legged, the swimmers, the flyers, the plants and the air, the fire, the water and the earth.

We are here learning together to become better in all ways. As we remember that we are walking this earth together, we may also understand that our goal is not to think that we are better than anyone or anything else. All that we come into contact with becomes our teacher. 



Sierra Art Trails is proud to participate in Native American Cultural Heritage Month by hosting this unique exhibit of Native American arts and crafts.  Stellar Gallery , located in the Sierra Foothills outside Yosemite National Park , is an ideal location to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the people that came before us, and to honor the contemporary artists that have been inspired by their traditions. Local and non-local artists have been invited to participate with their best works.  Works by living treasures Julia Parker, Betty Manygoats, and many others will be included in the exhibit.  

Indigenous Creativity

Reeds are cut for a basket. Bark is stripped from the branch to be woven into a pattern for a baby’s cradle board. Roots are soaked and used to dye the wool to create a blanket. Minerals are ground and used as pigment or glaze. The earth’s gifts are everywhere. These gifts are here to inspire and remind us that creativity flows like the rivers of the world. Is this discovery what we now call fine art? Join us for inspiration and admiration of the Indigenous sense of creativity and beauty.   

The Indigenous people know that the gifts from all creatures and plants are tools that are here for the people to discover and use with respect.  With a profound beauty and inspired spark streaming through us, we are urged to connect to the basic innovative force from within. Answering the call from the Great Spirit we can not refuse these gifts. May all we touch turn to beauty.  

The Creative Spirit - Wisdom of Then and Now -  Earth’s Inspiration    

Creative wonder is part of the dance of life. As the human inventive spirit flows through the artist something awakens from within. Use my hands to create things of beauty, use my eyes to see all the gifts that surround me. Help me to remember that we are always connected to the Great Mystery.

The elders watch with a smile. The young ones use the old tools in ways that we have not. And so it goes. Life continues to change. We continue to evolve, to learn and to teach. With respect we move forward, ever aware that our prayers never stop. No matter what age we are we learn to remember who we re ally are.

Judy DeRosa aka Little Wing







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